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The Hazuri Bagh Baradari (Urdu: حضوری باغ بارہ دری‎) is a baradari of white marble located in the Hazuri Bagh of Lahore, Pakistan. It was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sikh ruler in 1818. Elegant carved marble pillars support delicate cusped arches. The central area, where Maharaja Ranjit Singh held court, has a mirrored ceiling. The pavilion consisted of two storeys until it was damaged by lightning in 1932.


The thing about Filipino commercials

Here’s one commercial I love so much right now.

It was a 90-second Stephen Ngo-directed advertisement for Nestle’s 125th year anniversary with Publicis Manila at the steering wheel. It’s a touching story of an unbreakable love. Very Hallmark Card, yes. But it’s nice. 

It tells us so much about how, even under just a minute or so, the Filipino psyche on love, family, drama and nostalgia play a big role for a great marketing ploy. It works. Cuddly song, breezy slow motions and flashbacks.

This particular commercial employs a familiar narrative of how, after a long time of togetherness, love still does prevail. It’s awww-inducing and it does carry a whole lot of warm fuzzies, yeah? The hook is on the song and the connection that it establishes seeing how from a simple meeting an everlasting union forms. 

PS: I don’t know if it’s just in Philippine-made commercials when nagtitimpla ka ng isang basong gatas pero makikita mo ang tatlong magkakatabing boxes ng gatas na di pa nabubuksan sa tabi ng baso. O kaya magtitimpla ka ng Iced Tea na nakaready sa tatlong pitsel pero para lang naman sa pamilyang may 5 members. Haha.

video seen posted from dom’s page. :)


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